Young Eros needs your help

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Eros and his mom, Reina. Photo by Bari Lee.

Dear Friends,

Born the day before Valentine’s Day 2021 to Reina, a rescued Spanish mustang mare, he was named after the Greek god of love. Now our RTF lovebug, Eros, needs your help.

Although he is a mama’s boy, Eros is also curious and playful, delighting in the company of his best friend, Bowie, born soon after Eros. No one knows exactly how it happened, but while playing around, Eros was either kicked or collided with something which caused a closed fracture above his right rear fetlock. (For those not familiar with horse anatomy, you would probably see it as an ankle, but it technically is more like the ball of the foot.)

Eros, right, and his best buddy, Bowie. Photo by Irene Vejar.

We had two choices, either euthanize this young otherwise healthy colt or find out if his leg was treatable. So, our next step was to have Dr. Pankau with Inland Equine Medical Center come to the sanctuary and take initial X-rays.

After X-Raying the injury here at the sanctuary, his leg was wrapped and stabilized, and Eros and his mama, Reina, were transported to the high-tech vet clinic, Alamo Pintado, we use for intensive treatments and care.  Fortunately, the injury was clear of the joint, so little Eros could have a chance for a recovery.

Knowing this would be an expense but also considering the long life he has ahead, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to euthanize him. We took a leap of faith and decided to move forward with surgery and give this little guy a chance.

Eros’ injury: a closed fracture above his right rear fetlock.

His surgery went very well, and now he is resting in a stall with his leg in a cast at the vet clinic. Because he is so young and they were able to put a pin in to hold the bones in place as they heal, the veterinarians are cautiously hopeful that the surgery will prove a success, and Eros will continue to have a long and natural life.

Everyone here is pulling for him, and we’re sure you are, too.

But we need your help to cover his medical costs and continue his special care for some time. We really need our friends and supporters to band together to help fund Eros’ surgery, treatment and recovery.

Besides having to pay our bills, like everyone does, it is crucial that we stay current and honor our obligations to this lifesaving clinic so that they are always there for us when we need them in an emergency, as in the case of little Eros. With an aging population of horses, access to a clinic like this can mean life or death to some of our residents. We need them strongly behind us.

Eros, left, and Bowie. Photo by Irene Vejar.

Can you chip in for little Eros? Every donation—of any size—will adds up to get Eros back on his feet and playing with his best buddy, Bowie.

Can you please help Eros and give what you can today?  He is bright and full of life and brings joy to all who meet him.

Our deepest thanks,

All of Us at RTF

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