The American Wild Horse is a symbol of freedom and power and has woven himself into the very fabric of what is America.

However, as a nation, we have done little to extend either stewardship or respect for these noble animals. Instead, we have herded them, broken them, abused them, and slaughtered them. And now, without swift action, we are at risk of losing them forever.

Although the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act was intended to protect our Wild Horses, it has been weakened throughout the years by policy changes, leaving our wild horses unprotected. A continued and aggressive wild horse removal policy has resulted in more wild horses now living in captivity than that which remain in the wild.

The only hope for America’s wild horses is the American people. Return to Freedom advocates for solutions to protect and preserve our wild horses and their habitat. We invite you to join us in protecting wild horses and securing their rightful home on America’s western landscape.


Lots of times, young people in school feel there is little they can do to help causes they believe in. But you know what? Wild Horse Annie proved how much young people could do to help wild horses. And, there are things you can do that would really help Return to Freedom.

Currently we have more than 350 horses at our Sanctuary. And we have to make sure they are all fed and cared for. Also, in order to save even more horses, we need more land.

Please consider how you, your class or youth group can Sponsor a Horse who lives here. Your help could mean so much!

Watch the video that two of our youth supporters filmed at our sanctuary!


Musical artists, RTF youth supporters, and real-life sisters Aly and AJ Michalka, formerly known as 78violet, filmed the video to their hit song, “Hothouse,” at the Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary in 2013. As you can see, support for our work comes in many guises, so lend us your special talent, too!