BLM to bait-trap Colorado wild horses in October, Sept. 25, 2016

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Sand Wash Basin horses (Craig Daily Press file photo)

Sand Wash Basin horses (Craig Daily Press file photo)


As published by Craig Daily Press

Wild horses from the Sand Wash Herd Management Area, about 40 miles west of Craig, will be gathered beginning Oct. 21 by the Bureau of Land Management.

A bait-trap will be used to collect about 200 horses in order to administer fertility control treatments and allow the removal of up to 50 young horses. Horses removed from the basin will be placed in the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary training and adoption program.

The BLM manages the area for up to 362 wild horses, but the current population exceeds 600, a number that poses a serious risk to the area’s ecological balance, according to the BLM.

BLM hopes that treating mares and removing some young horses should help check the growth of the Sand Wash Herd.

The BLM decision and associated environmental assessment are available by clicking here