Meet Amante

Amante is an amazing horse with an amazing story. Captured after stealing mares from a nearby rancher and taking them into the hills, he put 3 BLM wranglers in the hospital when they tried to break his free spirit.
Amante, like all the horses and burros at RTF’s sanctuary, is unique, but his plight is emblematic of the thousands of nameless horses and burros. Thanks to our committed supporters he was able to find refuge at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary. He won a few mares and will leave a legacy!

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Amante’ is a beautiful Cerbat Stallion and plays a significant role in the Sanctuary’s Conservation Program. The Spanish Mustangs of the Cerbat Mountain area of Northwestern Arizona are some of the purest Spanish descendants in the United States. With far less than 70 now living in the wild, he is a rare find.

This handsome and bold stallion had wandered off his range several times and managed to break into a neighboring ranch taking several mares back into the hills with him. He was then captured and held in a government corral in Kingman Arizona. For three years, from his corral, he could see the mountains he called home in the distance. The Bureau of Land Management wranglers tried to domesticate him in the hopes this unique horse would be usable as a mascot.

The story goes that he put all 3 men in the hospital. He was put up for bid in an online auction when a compassionate supporter of RTF was moved by his plight and acquired him for release at the sanctuary. He arrived at Return to Freedom in 2003. His estimated date of birth is 1998.

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