Meet Amber

Amber is a smart, curious and beautiful dorsal striped dun filly! Amber was born at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary on April 8,2015. Her sire, Amante, is a rare Cerbat stallion, and her dam Stella is from the Sulphur Springs herd. Amber resembles her grandmother and displays the unique Iberian type which she inherited from both her Sulphur and Cerbat ancestry.

While Amber’s mother Stella is more wary of humans, Amber has inherited her father Amante’s confident and social personality. Amante is the sanctuary’s only Cerbat stallion, who was captured by the BLM from the Cerbat Mountain range outside of Kingman, Arizona. When Amante came to RTF in 2003, a decision had to be made about what mares to pair him with. Cerbat horses are rare to find, since there are less than 70 remaining in the wild. Amante was paired with mares from the Sulphur Springs herd at the suggestion of equine geneticist Dr. Gus Cothran.

More Pictures of Amber