Meet Cameron

Cameron is a mischievous Cerbat/Sulphur Springs colt. He was born at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary on March 3, 2020. He had a rocky start but is doing great and integrated into his band with the protection from his father, Amante and mother, Willow. He loves to harass his aunt Sasha!

Cameron lives happily in Amante’s harem band with his mother, Willow. Amante is a rare Cerbat mustang stallion that was captured from his home range and kept in a corral for 3 years before being auctioned off by the Bureau of Land Management because he refused to be ridden. Amante arrived at Return to Freedom’s sanctuary in 2003 and is an important piece of Return to Freedom’s conservation program since there are so few of these horses left in the Cerbat Mountain range due to heavy predation.

His mother Willow, a beautiful liver dun mare was born at the sanctuary after her mother, Pretty Sky arrived pregnant in 2003. Willow is a wonderful representation of her Iberian descent. Sulphur Springs horses are found in Utah in the Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area. Of all the horses roaming free in America today, these horses have DNA that is the most similar to the primitive Iberian horses known as the Sorraia. Today, these horses are being preserved in Portugal. Due to their remote location in Utah’s Needle Range, they have retained their unique pheno-typing but are at risk with less than 400 left in the wild.

More Pictures of Cameron