Meet Christo

Christo is a beautiful black-bay Cerbat/Sulphur gelding who was born on April 10, 2012.

Christo’s father, Amante is a 100% pure Cerbat stallion, whose origins are from the Spanish horses that were stolen by the Apache’s and a small number can still be found in Cerbat Mountain range outside of Kingman, Arizona. Christo’s mother, Stella, is a beautiful grullo Sulphur mare, who is part of Amante’s band of mares at the sanctuary.

Christo lives at RTF’s sanctuary in San Luis Obispo, California with 70 other horses and 16 burros. Christo was confused for a time, finding his place in the world – but this past year he has really found himself and is the proud band leader for two beautiful mares who don’t leave his side.

Pale Ale from the Cold Creek herd and Grey Mare have chosen him and together they enjoy the oak-studded hills.

More Pictures of Christo