Meet Fuego


Fuego was born on August 1, 2017, at Return to Freedom’s sanctuary. We named him Fuego Dorado, or Golden Fire, in part because a small grass fire broke out on another part of the sanctuary on the same morning that he was born.

He is a charismatic and handsome Cerbat/Sulphur colt. His Sire (father), Amante, is the sanctuary’s only 100% pure Cerbat whose origins are from the Spanish horses that were stolen by the Apaches. A small number can still be found in Cerbat Mountain range outside of Kingman, Arizona. Fuego’s mother, Stella, is a beautiful grullo Sulphur mare who is part of Amante’s band of mares at the sanctuary.

Fuego displays his Iberian phenotyping which can be found on both his Sulphur and Cerbat side. He is a beautiful bay dun like his great-grandfather Chief, with strong leg stripes and a multicolored mane and tail. He inherited the star on his forehead from his grandfather, Bear, as well as Bear’s cobwebbing and brindling in his coat.

Fuego has a strong personality and is very curious about everything around him. He is intelligent, alert, and slightly mischievous, a trait he shares with his sister Amber.

More Pictures of Fuego