Meet General

General (est. DOB 1988) was a proud 22-year-old band stallion when he was captured on January 16, 2010, during the BLM’s deadly Calico Mountains Complex roundup. This fearless lead stallion proudly led his mustang family in Nevada’s magnificent Black Rock Desert until the day the helicopters came.

General was photographed on the range with his family band, and his last run for freedom was witnessed and photographed by advocates who followed his family band, and his son, True.

One cannot tell General’s story without mentioning Commander, another senior stallion who shared a strong bond with General. General and Commander stuck together through the long ordeal from their chase out of their home range into BLM’s trap pens where they became inseperable, then loaded onto a semi-truck to BLM’s holding facility… and finally to Return to Freedom.

Return to Freedom purchased 71 mares and 19 stallions through BLM Sale Authority for $10 each. RTF’s Calico Rescue Project was in response to the tragic Calico roundup of almost 2000 wild horses which resulted in the death of close to 144 horses.

General, True, and Commander all came to Return to Freedom. Commander, older than General, passed away in 2014. General and True still thrive at Return to Freedom’s Sanctuary. Caring for senior horses can cost $2,600 per year if they start needing more special care. Horses at the sanctuary often live well into their thirties.

More Pictures of General