Meet Samar


The name “Samar” means “battlefield commander” in ancient Sanskrit and also has meaning in ancient Arabic roughly translating to “fruit of paradise.”

Samar’s mother Sevim and his father Samir are both from our Hart Mountain Herd. Samar’s maternal grandparents Freedom and Jilla also reside at our sanctuary. Our precious Samar already has loads of personality and is an especially precocious little foal. This sweet little “battlefield commander” is incredibly curious about his surroundings, but certainly feels safest when he’s at his mama Sevim’s side.

He enjoys running in the hills which means Sevim must do a lot of chasing after her young one! Samar is incredibly playful and has had no problem making friends with the other horses at the sanctuary. He spends his days running around until he crashes hard (he’s quite the deep sleeper), then he’s up and at it again the next morning!

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