Sunflower, Misun's band

Sunflower is a beautiful Chestnut mare with a bold blaze! Sunflower was born wild and free in 2016 on the Red Desert Complex, Wyoming.

On October 16, 2020, Dahlia ran alongside her six month old filly, Isabelle, and the rest of her family, as the BLM removed them from their home in Arapaho Creek within the Complex. On that day, Sunflower was separated from Isabelle, her stallion Misun her home and her freedom. Separated from her family, she was sent to government corrals to await placement into long-term holding. Sunflower’s filly Isabelle, barely six months old, was sent to holding corrals far away with dozens of other younger horses to await an adoption event. It was a sad site to see the foals trying to nurse from each other in the cold Wyoming winter.

On November 12, 2020, BLM completed the removal of 1799 horses from the Wyoming Red Desert Complex.

Thanks to two guardian angels, two photographers who have followed her band on the range for years, RTF was able to find and adopt baby Isabelle with her younger sister Rose and her brother Little Romeo in March 2021! Soon afterwards RTF was able to find and adopt their uncle Hotah who remained close to the band. The four of them are now safe at Return to Freedom’s sanctuary! Having arrived scared and wary, Sunflower’s young Isabelle very quickly became the matriarch of her siblings!

In August 2021, RTF was again able to send the photographers to the holding corrals in search of the whole family band. We were able to find and adopt Sunflower along with 5 mares from her band—their new 2021 foals born in the holding pens, and their band stallion Misun! The whole band will live out their lives at Return to Freedom’s Sanctuary.

Your Sponsorship has a significant, positive impact on Sunflower’s life!

Photography by Meg Frederick

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