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WATER for WILD HORSES and El Nino Preparation: Shelters and Grading


Many thanks to the ASPCA, The Santa Barbara Foundation and some of our wonderful Board members and donors for the purchase of a 2000 gallon water truck!

This is no ordinary water truck, it is also a hydraulic dump truck and hauling vehicle which will help with many sanctuary projects, emergency and safety relief.

We have been trucking water in daily since February costing $3200 a week. Now we are able to haul in water donated by local community members! This relief is making such a difference in our morale and daily operations!

The unforeseen challenges we have confronted as a result of the drought have strengthened relationships and made new ones! Special shout out to Mikie Biven, Gordon Weebler, Mike Goddard and Lompoc Motor Sports Park Project

Our focus is now on preparing for the forecasted volatile El Nino and water catchment projects.

Please make a donation for water catchment, grading and secure shelters for horses HERE

Thank you for supporting Sanctuaries! After their capture, we provide feed, care, and refuge for the rest of their natural lives!