Join our fight to protect wild mares facing surgical sterilization

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RTF file photo.

Seventeen wild mares captured from the Confusion Herd Management Area in Utah are in line to undergo a painful and potentially lethal sterilization procedure called ovariectomy via colpotomy. 

This is a rare procedure in which a mare’s ovaries are crushed, then pulled out with a looped-chain instrument. This procedure opens mares up to serious risk from infection; evisceration (should intestines come through the incision); and hemorrhaging. There is a high-frequency of post-operative complications – some of which can be life-threatening.

Return to Freedom is suing the Bureau of Land Management to make sure it never happens. We need to stop BLM now.

In honor of the 17 mares slated to undergo this dangerous procedure, an anonymous donor has offered a challenge grant for $75,000. Each dollar we raise until Jan. 17 will be matched up to $75,000 for this court case, as well other litigation, our grassroots advocacy and our lobbying in Washington, D.C., in support of wild horses on and off the range and to end horse slaughter.

We need you to join us in the fight to end horse slaughter and protect wild horses and burros on and off the range. 

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