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The Bureau of Land Management announced on Monday that it will start a 60-day bait-and-trap roundup of up to 100 wild horses as soon as today from the Caliente Herd Area Complex, Eagle Herd Management Area and Silver King Herd Management Area. The agency says it's conducting the capture-and-removal effort because ... Read More
July 29, 2019Cory Golden
The Bureau of Land Management on Friday announced that it conduct an "emergency" bait-and-trap roundup of wild horses on the Red Rock Herd Management Area due to a lack of water. Beginning on or around Sunday, the agency will use water as a lure to capture and remove about 225 "excess" ... Read More
July 26, 2019Cory Golden
The Bureau of Land Management plans to resume a helicopter roundup on the Pine Nut Mountains Herd Management Area in Nevada as soon as Monday. BLM captured 340 "excess" wild horses from Feb. 7-19 before suspending the roundup due to poor weather. No deaths were reported. The agency plans to capture ... Read More
July 26, 2019Cory Golden
For more information about the draft joint proposal to Congress supported by Return to Freedom, the Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, and other stakeholders, click here. As published by KUNR Public Radio Nevada’s wild horse population has exploded to an all-time high of more than ... Read More
July 23, 2019Cory Golden
rio grande gorge
As published by Bloomberg Environment Two former Bureau of Land Management directors say plans to move the agency’s headquarters to Colorado are an early step toward abolishing the entire agency and transferring millions of acres of federal land to the states. “I think the endgame is to try ... Read More
July 22, 2019Cory Golden
3 feathers clean
To watch a full video of the Senate subcommittee hearing, click here: (Note: The hearing begins at the 17:28 mark. The hearing was delayed for an unrelated floor vote that begins at 1:07:45 in the video. The hearing reconvenes at 1:34:22).  The value of safe, proven and fertility control as a ... Read More
July 18, 2019Cory Golden