Report: BLM staff spent wild horse funds on own horses

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Photo taken at RTF’s San Luis Obispo, Calif., satellite sanctuary by Deb Hofstetter.

The Interior Department’s Inspector General announced this week that Bureau of Land Management staff working in the Wild Horse and Burro Program misused government funds.

According to a summary of the report, which was forwarded to BLM Deputy Director for Policy and Programs William Pendley, BLM staff used government charge cards and convenience checks to make purchases related to the use of their privately-owned horses for work duties.

Those purchases were approved by their supervisors, the Inspector General found. The BLM is no longer allowing staff to use their own horses in the district where it took place, according to the report summary.

Staff also exceeded charge card thresholds when making purchases for the expenses associated with their horses, including purchasing – with supervisor approval – four custom saddles.