Return to Freedom joins ASPCA's " Help A Horse Day"- 2016

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wild horses at Return to Freedom Photo: Aurora

Wild horses at Return to Freedom, Photo: Aurora

On April 23-24, Return to Freedom Mustang Youth Coalition and volunteers participated in the ASPCA’s “Save A Horse Day” at Return to Freedom’s Wild Horse Sanctuary in San Luis Obispo! Over $13,000 was raised for the horses!

RTF YOuth with CC horses-Save a Horse dayWe all pitched in to clean up the area for ten newly arrived wild horses who were removed from their range last fall. The horses were in such a depleted condition, it took months for them to gain enough strength to make the trip to California. The weekend was spent feeding, clearing, socializing the horses, learning from professional film makers about photography and photo-journalism to create interviews and social media pieces supporting wild horse conservation.

We glam-camped at Return to Freedom at SLO Springs Ranch. After a long day clearing old barbed wire fencing, thistle and old fence posts, we spent the magic hour just before sunset filming herds of wild horses.

Then we were completely spoiled with Leslie and Steve Carlson’s yummy dinner!

Clearing thistle, photo: Angela Kelly

Clearing thistle, photo: Angela Kelly

Special thanks to the Carlson family, Victory Tischler – Blue, Arlene Gawne, Paige Roache, Angela Kelly and Aurora,our wonderful youth volunteers, moms and dads!

Peter Gonzalez added:

Photo by: Peter's iphone

Photo by: Peter’s iphone

I feel so thankful to have been able to Volunteer for RTF at their beautiful 2,000 acre satellite sanctuary in San Luis Obispo! This retreat was in special honor of the #ASPCA‘s April 23rd #‎HelpaHorseDay. It was hard work removing barbed wire and invasive thistle, but I know we finished with a job well done. The work we did was in order to help the prepare the land for the Cold Creek herd, some new arrivals!
#WildHorses #‎ReturntoFreedom

Tommy Brown, Interviewed by Peter Gonzalez:

Tommy Brown Jr, Photo: Aurora

Tommy Brown Jr, Photo: Aurora

Peter: Where are you and what do you do here?
Tommy: I am at Return to Freedom’s Wild Horse and Burro sanctuary in San Luis Obispo, and we help wild horses.
Peter: How do you help them?
Tommy: We give them a place to live, we take care of the land on which they live, we take care of the horses. We make sure they have food and water and we doctor them if they need it.
Peter: What can people do if they want to help?
Tommy: Get in touch with Return to Freedom!