The single best thing you can do for wild horses today

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This happened because of you…

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who have chipped in for hay in the past couple of weeks.

So many of us want to do something to help wild horses, and, surprisingly, buying hay for the RTF horse residents, displaced wild horses and burros, is probably the simplest way to help the most horses possible with one donation.

It’s true that wild horses still on the range, who are making their last stand to keep their home on public lands, will not eat the hay you buy. But every minute RTF is not worrying about funds to keep our residents fed allows us to focus resources on policy work on the national level to keep free-roaming horses and burros free and ensure that they will always have a home on the Western landscape.

The urgent need for hay at our sanctuary never ends, even during the few months that many of the horses can enjoy the green pastures. The simple act of buying a bale — or two — does more than you can imagine to keep quality feed stocked for our more than 500 residents and further the cause we all care so much about.

So, if you have become a hay sponsor, THANK YOU!  If you have thought about it but have not yet had a chance to act? THE TIME IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

The more of our supporters who become regular Monthly Hay Sponsors, the more secure the horses’ future.

But … ANY donation toward hay is like gold in the bank.

This won’t be the last time we talk about hay because it is one of the two things we can?t do without for even a day. Thanks for understanding the importance of repeating this need.

The other is YOU.

Thanks for all you do for wild horses and burros, it means the world to us, and to them.

Neda DeMayo and of All of Us at RTF

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