Water Crisis: Continued Drought Wreaking Havoc for the Sanctuary

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[On February 15, 2015, we began hauling water to the sanctuary daily!

The drought continues to impact ranches and wilderness areas in the west. Although we have had some much needed rain, it has not been enough to replenish the water table and our shallow wells are unable to renew themselves.

Last August 27, 2014, the three-year drought had taken its toll and one of our wells went dry with very little left in our less productive well.

The horses never went thirsty because our incredible supporters rallied to our side. With your help we raised over $60,000 towards our $100,000 goal. We were able to use some of the emergency funds to begin implementing improvements to enhance a water conservation plan for the sanctuary, including the installation of larger troughs and a donated 9000-gallon holding tank!

Please support our continued water sustainability plan by making a donation to our “Fill The Bucket” water fund. An average horse drinks up to 10 gallons of water each day. You can help us make sure that whether the rain falls or not, our horses will have the water they need.

Or – help us with a sizeable contribution towards a matching funds campaign to continue working with local Fish and Wildlife, Conservation Corps and Sierra Progressive on our long term water conservation plan to benefit the horses at the sanctuary, local wildlife and endangered species of fish that are being affected by the dropping water table and streams.

A hydrologist has identified an area where we can explore the potential to create a horizontal well to access water that will not draw from the same water needed by the streams which support endangered steelhead trout.