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Photo of Dawn by Stephen Pile

Dear Friends,


It’s a word spoken often here at Return to Freedom, and with good reason.

Operating RTF’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary is satisfying, but it’s not easy. It takes a lot of help to provide food, day after day, year after year, for the 143 horses and 27 burros at our Lompoc facility, and for the horses we care for offsite.

That’s why it’s a topic we bring up to you often. And if we didn’t, well, we’d have a lot of hungry faces staring at us!

But we do come to you, and you always come through. THANK YOU to everyone who donated last week.

If you value RTF’s work, want to help our horse residents in a most important way, and have not yet had a chance to chip in, the time is right. We are falling short of our goal—so far—but there is no deadline on contributing to the lives of the displaced wild horses and burros in our care.

All donations, large and small, add up to turn hungry faces into munching mouths and contented whinnies. Having stability in our hay supply makes all of our work easier. As we told you last time, the more of our supporters who become regular Monthly Hay Sponsors, the more the sanctuary horses can count on those nourishing and tasty meals being delivered by their human friends on the RTF hay truck.

The need for our supporters to join this hay team is urgent. We are still behind schedule for these funds, and we need to raise $35,000 quickly to keep up.. Will you please become a hay sponsor?

Sponsor Hay for RTF Horses

There are several levels of sponsorship:  $22 (bale), $44, $66, $440 (one ton or 20 bales of hay), $11,880 (one truckload of hay – 540 bales)

If you can’t be a sponsor, any gift you can give helps and is deeply appreciated. Your donation of any size has a crucial and direct impact on the more than 500 lives at our sanctuaries and thousands of wild horses and burros still on the range.

Thank you again for all you do to help RTF ensure a great life for the horses at our sanctuaries, and to be a strong voice for their counterparts on the range.

We can only do this with you on our side.

With gratitude,

The RTF team

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