Baby Burro Born- Can you Name Her?

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baby burro pic 2

The second baby burro (another female Jenny!), was born at Return to Freedom’s Sanctuary on Friday August 14, 2015! Can you name her?

It really doesn’t get any cuter! New baby burro born at the sanctuary last Friday! This beyond adorable little girl joins the Black Mountain Burro Herd who arrived at the Sanctuary last month after they were rounded up in Arizona.

Droughts across the west are forcing wild horses and burros to wander over boundaries in search for water. The BLM crew in Kingman Arizona was great to work with. Keeping burro bands together, they worked with Respect4Horses and facilitated the burro groups relocating to three sanctuary locations.

Return to Freedom now houses 42 burros, 14 from Black Mountain with the 2 recent additions of Little Lilian and her new sister!

Can you name her? Will you sponsor a burro?! Click here to sponsor a burro.