The Bureau of Land Management plans to use helicopter drive-trapping to capture and remove 100 wild horses from federal, state and private lands in and around the Bible Spring Complex ... Read More
August 8, 2017AnnieFannie
  By Rob Hammer of Wild Horse Tourist As published by The Salt Lake Tribune Late last month, Utah’s Chris Stewart introduced an amendment to the Interior Department’s 2018 spending bill ... Read More
August 8, 2017AnnieFannie
  Horse trainer Angi Murray recently visited Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary with some of her students. A trainer ... Read More
August 7, 2017AnnieFannie
  As published by E&E News A federal court on Friday tossed out the Forest Service's attempts to correct a decades-old map error that expanded wild horse territory in a California ... Read More
August 7, 2017AnnieFannie
Wild horses are facing life-and-death votes in Congress, so it’s critical for their supporters to find ways to urge lawmakers and the public to stand with America’s herds before it's ... Read More
August 7, 2017AnnieFannie
  As published by The Washington Times A federal appeals court has delivered a victory to wild horse enthusiasts, ordering the U.S. Forest Service to restore 23,000 acres of critical land ... Read More
August 6, 2017AnnieFannie
Update: This roundup is now scheduled to begin after Sept. 15, 2017. Public comment is due Aug. 10 on the Bureau of Land Management's plan to capture and remove 1,560 wild ... Read More
August 5, 2017AnnieFannie
  WASHINGTON, DC – Aug. 4, 2017 – Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia overturned a decision by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) to cut the size ... Read More
August 4, 2017AnnieFannie
Return to Freedom
  Sens. Bob Menendez, D-New Jersey, Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, Sheldon Whitehouse, D-Rhode Island, and Susan Collins, R-Maine, on Wednesday re-introduced a Senate version of the SAFE Act, which would ban ... Read More
August 2, 2017AnnieFannie
  As published by the Reno Gazette-Journal Wild horses have long been a symbol of the American West, and Nevada is home to more than half, almost 35,000 at ... Read More
July 31, 2017AnnieFannie