Choctaws on the Move

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by Elena Bajona, Applied Equine Behaviorist for RTF

We are excited to announce the birth of a new Choctaw horse conservation effort thanks to Sarah Shaw, of Nature Defense Foundation. Today, nine small but mighty Choctaws have been adopted and are being moved to Northern California to join an education-focused sanctuary as part of our expanding Conservator Program. These horses are extremely social, so it is wonderful that they will be going to their new home together.

Return to Freedom manages this special herd with a non-hormonal, reversible birth control. The goal of the program is to steward a diverse and healthy genetic group and collaborate with others to ensure these ancient bloodlines have a place in the future. Click to learn more.

Don’t worry, we will still have our original bonded foundation group of Choctaws Ponies at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary for the public and donors to enjoy during our program season. Stay tuned for photos of their arrival at their new home.