Donations matched until March 12!

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Photo taken at RTF’s San Luis Obispo, Calif., satellite sanctuary by Irene Vejar.

Dear Friends,

We’re excited, and we wanted to let you know that this is a big week for making your kind donation count even more…

All this week, your eligible donation will be matched by GlobalGiving, one of RTF’s fundraising partners, so that your dollars are stretched even more to help the more than 500 rescued wild horses and burros RTF provides care for each and every day at our sanctuary.

From today, Monday, March 8, to 23:59:59 p.m. ET on Friday, March 12, all eligible donations to our project, Run RTFs American Wild Horse Sanctuary for a Year up to $50 per unique donor (only one donation per person) will be matched at 50% during the campaign, and matching funds will not run out! (donations made via PayPal will be most appreciated and needed, but will not be matched.)Your $20 donation becomes $30… your $40 becomes $60….and your $50 becomes $75…. what a deal!

To make things even better, recurring donations made during the week will not only receive the 50% match right away but after they stay active for 4 months, they also receive a 100% monthly match, up to $200.This is a can’t-miss chance to get everyone’s donations matched, which will go so far to help feed and care for the many RTF wild horse and burro residents who depend on us.

Things have been tougher for everyone this past year, including RTF. If you can help this week, that would be appreciated much more than you know. Without you, we simply could not have been here for wild horses since 1997.

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Thank you deeply, as always. Knowing we have you out there really helps us to carry on—

All of us at RTF