RTF’s horses want you to know …

Samarkind from our Sheldon Herd eating some tasty hay, thanks to you.

Amazing Friends,

We always knew the horses and burros at RTF had many friends out there, but in the past few days you’ve proved it all over again.

When we asked for some magic to fill our Hay Shed, we were hopeful, and you didn’t let us down! Our many friends leapt into action right away, sending gifts which will transform—as if by magic— into tasty hay bales within days.

As we go into a new busy week, can we ask once more, for those who weren’t able or were too busy to help earlier, to consider a gift of food for the 500 rescued horses and 42 burros in RTF’s care? It’s so important for us to have as much to bargain with as possible. Getting the best deal on hay is important for many reasons, not the least of which is the responsible stewardship of your kind donations.

Last year we were spared a large amount of feed expense because the rain gave our hills abundant grazing- but this year we have had to supplement with hay everywhere and it has created a significant financial hardship on the organization. Our goal is to send $5000 a week to our hay suppliers so we can get and stay caught up!

We never forget who makes it possible for these deserving horses and burros to live safely, happily and well-nourished here at RTF. In an important sense, you ride with us on the hay-truck as we distribute this life-sustaining food every day to the excited and happy horses who run with anticipation to their hearty meal.

If you can donate (once or even a small amount weekly), or help by forwarding this request to your personal circle, or both, we can keep the hay coming in and stacked in our Hay Shed.

Knowing the horses in our care are taken care of allows our team to spend more time working to protect tens of thousands wild horses still on the range, horses we will never meet but care about deeply just the same.

Thank you for making this work possible. If your RTF horse friends spoke Human, we know they’d say the same.

Neda and All of Us at Return to Freedom

Click here to help us fill the hay shed!