It’s critically important that those who care about wild horses and burros weigh in on the plans that guide on-the-ground actions of government agencies tasked with managing our nation’s wild horses and burros. Your voice is needed!

Wild horse supporters can weigh in at a number of steps in the process:
  • Scoping, Notice of Intent: The Bureau of Land Management begins the formal land-management planning process by identifying major resource issues that need to be considered, including by soliciting public input. It does so by publishing a Notice of Intent in the Federal Register (hyperlink: ). The public then has 30 days to provide comments about the area to be addressed in the plan.
  • Draft Resource Management Plan/EIS: The public has 90 days to comment on draft Resource Management Plans / Environmental Impact Statement. The document will include a preferred management alternative and its environmental impacts. A notice of its availability must be published in the Federal Register.
  • Final Resource Management Plan/EIS: After making revisions, the agency releases a proposed Resource Management Plan and final Environmental Impact Statement. A Notice of Availability must be published in the Federal Register. Any person who has taken part in the process can and may be adversely affected by the plan may file a protest within 30 days.
  • Record of Decision: The process is finalized with the signing of this document, which lays out the objectives and actions to be taken based on the selected alternative in the final Environmental Impact Statement.

Examples of decisions made in land-use plans include designating a Herd Management Area or removing its designation. Examples of implementation planning decisions include setting population targets for a Herd Management Area, also called its Appropriate Management Level, or roundup plans.

In addition to land-use planning decisions, the BLM holds other public meetings, including annual public meetings in each state about the use of helicopters in roundups and meetings of the BLM’s independent Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. Watch this page to learn about opportunities to weigh in!

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