Update: After a year apart, Misun and his mares are reunited

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Misun, at left, has rejoined his main mares and four new foals in Utah en route to RTF’s sanctuary. Photo by Meg Frederick.

We Have A Lot To Be Thankful For!

In October 2020, the Bureau of Land Management rounded up Misun and his devoted family band from their home on Wyoming’s Red Desert.

We were able to find and adopt them so that they can be reunited at RTF’s sanctuary.

Misun suffered an injury while in the BLM holding corrals and dropped a lot of weight. We have been worried about him and waiting for months to bring him home.

On Nov. 19, over one year since his capture, we were finally able to pick Misun up in Colorado and reunite him with four of his main mares, Sunflower, Dahlia, Angel and Bella— all who had foals born over the summer in holding corrals— none had met “dad” before this day!

Thanks to photographers Meg Frederick and Angelique Rea, we were able to find and reunite two wild horse families.

We know Misun is relieved to find his mares again. His brother Hotah and sister Tata Wakan are already at the sanctuary, and he will see them soon as well.

Thanks to our friends at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, we have been able to rest the mares and foals in Utah where Misun has now joined them. After he gains more weight, they will finish their journey home to RTF’s sanctuary in California.

We look forward to telling you more about these horses in the weeks to come!

Read more about Misun’s family band here.

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