How to help our resident wild horses the most

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Wild horses eating at RTF’s San Luis Obispo, Calif., satellite sanctuary. Photo by Meg Frederick.

Dear Friends,

We know that we talk about our need for lots of good hay…well, a lot.

With over 450 wild horses and burros, and an increasing number of seniors, the need never ends, and the amount of good hay we need for so many horses and burros is increasingly hard to find. Wildfires, drought and rising fuel costs continue to drive costs up. When we do locate a good supply, it costs 35% more than this time last year! Suppliers are telling us that costs will continue to rise. But there is no getting around it—horses eat hay, lots of horses eat lots of hay, and with the support of many caring people, the many horses at RTF have never missed a nutritious meal.

Every donation is so needed and appreciated but when we have donors who set up recurring monthly donations for hay, this is something we can rely on so we can more confidently negotiate the best deals possible.

For just 73 cents a day or $22 a month, you can put a bale of hay in the barn! Will you help us? We need 2,200 donors to pledge $22 a month to cover the feed costs for 2022. A lot of us doing a little makes it happen!

Even if your monthly donation is less—and more comfortable— than what you may have given as a single gift, having it come for the horses hay each month adds up to a significant annual donation spread out over the year!

Thank you to those who already give monthly—will you join them?

Can you help RTF’s over 450 wild horses and burros with a recurring monthly gift? We are so grateful for any donation, of any amount, but that dependable flow of hay money is the horses’ guarantee of nutritious hay brought to them by our dedicated ranch hands every day.

When you help feed the deserving wild horse and burro residents of RTF, you truly become a part of this mission. They have lost so much, and they need us all to ensure the good life which has been returned to them.

To the Wild Ones, and those who stand with (and help feed) them,

Neda DeMayo and the RTF Team

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