Our Burros

Sponsorships Save Lives

You make it possible for Return to Freedom to give back some of what these wild horses and burros lost when they were captured and taken from their home on the range. Our sponsors are the financial foundation of our sanctuary work and a vital component in ensuring that our nearly 500 wild horse and burro sanctuary residents are given the quality care and attention they so richly deserve. Sponsorships like yours ensure that hay is always on the ground, that feed is always available, and that our horses and burros are guaranteed the highest quality veterinary care possible.


All sponsors receive a digital welcome packet, a subscription to RTF e-newsletters, webinar invites, biannual updates on sponsored horse(s) or burro(s), invitations to special events, digital photo of sponsored horse(s) or burro(s), digital certificate.

Depending on sponsorship level, certain donors receive complimentary tour tickets or photo safari tickets.

Friend Sponsor
$25 Monthly Donation

    For only 82 cents a day, you can help! A friend sponsorship helps towards feed and care!

Companion Sponsor
$50 Monthly Donation

    For just $1.64 a day, you can feed a rescued wild burro for two weeks each month! Companion Sponsors also receive one complimentary tour!

Hero Sponsor
$100 Monthly Donation

    For just $3.29 per day, you can provide quality hay for one rescued wild burro every month! Hero Sponsors also receive one complimentary tour for two!

Freedom Sponsor
$250 Monthly Donation

    For only $8.22 a day, your Freedom Sponsorship provides full care and feed for two rescued wild burros every month. Freedom Sponsors also receive a 5% discount on RTF merchandise and tours, plus a complimentary tour for two annually!

Sanctuary Sponsor
$500 Monthly Donation

    For only $16.44 per day a Sanctuary Sponsorship provides full care for four rescued wild burros and helps cover costs related to managing a safe and clean sanctuary environment. Sanctuary Sponsors also receive a 10% discount on RTF merchandise and tours and four complimentary tickets to a sanctuary tour or two tickets to a safari annually (including a picnic lunch in the hills).

Family Band Sponsor
$15,000 Annual Donation

    For a generous $41.00 per day, Family Band Sponsorships provide food, water and sanctuary for a rescued herd of 10 wild burros all year long! Family Band Sponsors also receive a 15% discount on RTF merchandise, tours and events. They also receive two complimentary tickets to a private sanctuary tour or join a safari annually (includes picnic lunch)!